Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Let-Down

Well it's Halloween night and I'm sitting here in my Hit Girl costume writing a post. This was a really lame-o Halloween weekend. I guess I only have myself to blame. I should have arranged something long before-hand so that I wouldn't be able to back out at the last minute. (Sometimes the only way for me to get out and socialize is to trick myself, you see).

This weekend I pretty much just let V take the lead. Which meant spending Friday night with his sister in the Den of Smoke because it was her birthday weekend, going to his friend's house afterwards (Den of Smoke #2) and sitting around with a beer watching boys play video games, stopping in on the pseudo-in-laws again the next day for cake, and then doing nothing Saturday night. I will take the blame for Saturday night. V wasn't in the mood to do much it seemed, and usually it is his friends who have a party, but this year nobody did. I had a few options and I backed out of each one with the excuse that I would just feel awkward and out-of-place. I need a little push if I'm going to do something social like go to a party, and V was in a mopey mood so he didn't even try.

So today I thought we would take his friend's daughter trick or treating but that didn't happen. So I suggested we go to this crazy haunted house event geared to teens and adults. No kids allowed, so I'm sure it would have been freaky as Hell, but we didn't do that either. So basically, after handing out candy, we just went out for dinner in our costumes.

I was so proud of my costume this year too. I guess I could always use it for next year.

Because there's always next year. Right?

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