Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Moon - All The World

This fan-made video does a fantastic job of capturing the melancholy mood of the book. Some people don't get why a depressed person would want/need to watch sad movies, read sad books, listen to sad music; but trust me, trying to force yourself into a happy place only makes it worse, at least for me. I like things that I can relate to because in the real world I feel like there is nothing I connect with. I feel completely alienated by happiness.

(As per usual, I can't seem to post video to my blog, so please click on the link)

New Moon - When You Find Me

i know twilight is criticized a lot but who cares. i really related to new moon, and this fan-made video really captures the feel of it. so many talented twilight fans!

(i can't seem to post any video on my blog so please click on the link)