Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Running Through April

So I have no idea what happened to April. I must have done something, right? My family did not come visit me at Easter, because my brother-in-law's father found out he had a cancerous growth the size of a baseball on one of his kidneys.

I heard the surgery to remove his kidney went well. It's so frightening how common cancer is becoming. And sometimes, it doesn't seem to make a difference what you do. My brother-in-law's father is a very healthy and postive person. He's not a drinker, he doesn't smoke, he eats well, he's very lean and he's a runner. His downfall? He apparently smoked some 30 years ago. So he's being punished for something he did all those years ago? I have a cousin (he's around the age of 60) who was diagnosed with colon cancer. He is also an otherwise very healthy and postive man. But apparently, one of his aunt's died of the same disease many many years ago, and now it seems it's out to get him too.

I hate this topic. But it's always in the back of my mind, you know?

I've continued with the running program, which still surprises me. I have had some problems with my leg muscles/tendons/bones. I should probably get a doctor to check it out, but I hate doctors, and I don't remember the last time I was given any real answers from a doctor, so I've been putting that one off. I was hoping it would go away as my body adjusted to running, but it's been six and half weeks now, and still pain. It seems more bearable now, or perhaps I'm just getting used to it.

Regardless, the last three runs I've been on, have been pretty fantastic, I must admit. I especially enjoy running this one twisty pedestrian bridge. It is away from traffic, has a great view of the river valley, and I actually enjoy, yes, enjoy the climb up the twisty little ramp thingy. Also, it's blue. It's a bright blue bridge. And damn it all if I don't love alliteration. (Try saying that fast several times over. Bright blue bridge, bright blue bridge, bright blue bridge...Yeah, I'm bored).

I am glad I decided to take up running through an actual program, rather than just going for it myself. I like having some structure to this, so it's a project, rather than just an aimless activity. We run in intervals, so every time I go up another level, it's a sense of accomplishment and a sense that yes, I am making progress.

Yes, running was a good choice.