Saturday, October 23, 2010

One Page Per Day?

So I heard about this neat little program from Twitter. It's called "One Page Per Day". You sign in with your Google or Twitter account and it presents you with one blank page for you to fill in a day. I'm curious what options there are once we have filled the page or finished the book. Is it easy to transfer the files to something that we can edit and use? I've decided to give it a try.

I'm at work (and so loving it as you can probably tell by the way I'm doing something completely irrelevant to my job), and there's a box of Timbits sitting seductively in front of me on my desk. My co-worker bought them for me on her lunch break in order to cheer me up. Or, here's another theory: said co-worker, who is very much aware that I would love to lose weight and be a healthier version of myself, is actually trying to sabotage my efforts. Yes, that's right folks, I have reached a new level of paranoia.

I would welcome a snack break (even though I just had lunch, and McDonalds at that), but the emails that bombard my inbox keep me here (mostly) with my eyes glued to the screen that slowly but ever so surely sucks the life out of me.

This filling the page thing is harder than it seems. I think I'll take a break, check some emails, do my actual job, you know, fun stuff!

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