Friday, July 2, 2010

The Devil's On Vacation

The Beast is on vacation from the Hell Mouth, as of today. The Beast is of course, my insane boss, and the Hell Mouth, well, it's been my fond nickname for my place of employment for a long while. Words cannot describe how much less tension there is when she is not around. Her office is directly behind mine, and there is a window. She of course has blinds that she can close any time she chooses, which is never, so pretty much everyday I feel like I'm in a little glass box for her to keep an eye on. Since she's not here, I figured I can find better use for my time than work. (It's really slow today.) It sucks that anybody has to be here today at all, as yesterday was Canada Day (a stat holiday). We have to come in for one day before the weekend. Unless your're the Beast. She's in Shanghai.

I've been having difficulties with being social again. Well, truthfully, it didn't really get any easier, but I was kind of on a roll, you know? It's so easy to just slip back into a loner-rut. My co-worker wanted to do something yesterday for the holiday, but I didn't text her like I said I would, so we didn't do anything. The best part of my day yesterday (other than not being here at work)was going for authentic pizza. Oh my Goddess. It was so delicious. The thin crust, the homemade pizza sauce made with fresh tomatoes, the sizzling and spicy Italian meat. Heaven. I will definately have to eat there again.

Other than that, it was kind of a dud. We didn't take in any of the festivities. Not even the fireworks. Guess I'm just not that patriotic.

Tonight I'm supposed to see a band at my favourite music venue because a co-worker is the drummer. I've tried to obtain something resembling a commitment from my significant other as to what we will do tonight, but he has not given me his answer yet. I don't really feel up to going, but I know if I do not, I will end up having a really boring, guilt-ridden night. Guilt-ridden because, in my head, I will use my writing as an excuse to stay home, (hopefully alone), but in reality I will eat junk food, watch Stargate Atlantis, and possibly end the night early by falling asleep on the couch with my contacts in.

So yeah. Guess I'm going out tonight. Look at that, I just made a decision.

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