Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Social Experiment Continues

The MP3 Experiment was...interesting. Good wholesome family fun. I think it would have been more enjoyable if I had been drunk. Or at least a little tipsy. But I would definitely be interested in doing something like that again. It was this improv group that was involved with the Public Library, in an effort to recruit more patrons I guess. We had Edward the Omnipotent voice on our MP3 players giving us strange instructions. We did it in the Square and it was a lot of pretending to be a statue and shaking hands with strangers and the like. It was funny. It would have been funnier if we had spread out around town so that we could encounter people who had know idea what in the Hell we were doing. But, it was a fun hour or so.

The same person who conned me into the MP3 Experiment, B, has me going paddling with her next week. Can't wait. I know my arms are going to want to fall off afterwards because I am so out of shape. It's not that I'm not trying. It's just the universe always seems to want to mess with me. I get into the working out thing, and then I get sick for two and a half weeks, or my boyfriend's insane family comes to visit and stays forever...then I'm out of my routine and it feels like starting all over again. Speaking of, I'm on Day 2 of starting all over again.

So, on April 26, I went to Band of Skulls. It was amazing. I love these guys. I mean really love them. I may have a girl crush on the bass player. She rocks. Opening for Band of Skulls was Saint Hotel and Silver Starling. Both were pretty great, though I favoured the latter. And it just makes it all the better that they apparently are connected to Arcade Fire. Yay! I love Arcade Fire. According to the paper, "Frontman Marcus Paquin engineered and mastered albums for the band, and his wife, Marika Anthony-Shaw — Silver Starling’s keyboardist/violinist — played viola on Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible tour." I had so much fun that night. I was a little worried my mood wouldn't make way for the awesomeness that is Band of Skulls, but by the second opening act, my mood had greatly improved, and by the time BOS got on stage, I was all smiles. Literally. I couldn't remove the giant grin from my face. I was pretty giddy. Too bad for me it was a Monday. Work the next day was Hell.

Next on the Social Experiment agenda:Paddling with B on Tuesday, then my friend from university days is coming to town and staying with me for a couple of days starting Thursday. I hope to drag her to an event on Friday, called Funky vs Fresh, as someone I use to work with is going to be playing there with his band.

Book Update: I have made a little more progress on my second draft. I am now on page 53. Out of 318 pages.

Check out Silver Starling, my title links to "Ghosts".

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