Saturday, May 5, 2012


It's been two months since my last confession. Where does the time go?

When I made the decision to ease myself out of the V's life and into my own, I thought renting a room from my friend's mom would be a good way to move on without becoming too overwhelmed at the prospect. This was to be my safe place. A temporary safe place. But it's already been over 8 months since I moved in, and I still don't feel ready to leave. It's like this has become my new normal. This has become the new grave that I dug out myself, and willingly stepped into. Everyday, a little more earth is shovelled back where it belongs, and it's only a matter of time before I'm buried again.

I do this. I get "comfortable". I get stuck. I thought that by now I would be ready to move on, from this house, from this town, from this province. I thought I would have figured a few things out by now, and be well on my way to starting over. But I'm still here.

I went bankrupt. It's not something I'm proud of, but having finally addressed my financial situation did bring me some relief. It will still be hanging over my head for the next 8 months or more, as my creditors (the government and the banks) have that much time to object before I'm discharged.

I'm still working the same job at the printing establishment, as a proofreader. It's ridiculously mind-numbing and I don't know how much longer I can do this. My co-worker, who was there for over a year I think, quit about a month ago, and I couldn't help but take it personally. There was no warning (except the standard bitching about the job). But there was no actual heads up. She just didn't show up one day. And now she's moved on to another job (at a bankruptcy trustee's office no less) and left me behind. I am jealous at her ability to pick up and move on. When will it be my turn?

My living situation has changed somewhat in the last couple of weeks. When the woman I rent from let me know that a friend of her daughter's (a 34 year old man going through a divorce) will be renting another room from her, I felt dread. And fear. And when she asked how I felt about it, the closet thing to the truth I could say was "I'll adjust". Inside I was furious. And fearful. About my safe place being compromised. I could only think of the possibility of leaving, and that scared the shit out of me.

But he moved in anyway. And I felt an instant connection to him. We have a ridiculous amount of stuff in common, and his personality is compatible with mine. I was worried he would be like most people out there - the inconsiderate extroverts that bulldoze their way through life and through other people's lives. But he wasn't like that. He's a strange mixture of introvert and attention-seeker, who can talk endlessly but because he's so soft-spoken, I could never mind. He's so thoughtful, always taking into consideration how his actions might affect others.

As if the Universe wanted to be cruel, he's also terribly cute, and a musician. Who offered me guitar lessons. Which I've been wanting for how long now? And here he is, my own personal music teacher. Nicely put together. And sweet.

And still married.

With children.

I could feel myself becoming emotionally dependent on him right away. The logic part of my brain kept warning me about it. Don't get too close. Don't fall into another trap. One where you're dependent on another human being to feel safe. To feel anything. To feel...alive.

But it happened anyway. We've become inseparable. I find myself, night after night, hanging out with him in the common room, by the fireplace. Just talking. Or playing guitar. Or watching a movie. And I get stuck. Down here in the basement. I haven't been going to bed early enough, and it's showing. I've been so tired all week. On Thursday night, we didn't go to bed until about three in the morning. Only to have to work the next day.

But he's quickly turning into an addiction. And I'm worried. Worried that I'm the only one feeling this. Worried that I'm not the only one. Worried about how it will end.

And annoyed with myself that I can't just think of him as my new best friend.

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